Boaxel Kleiderstange 80 Cm

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Boaxel Kleiderstange 80 Cm. BOAXEL bracket 40 cm white 40453513 13 pcs BOAXEL clothes rail 60 cm white 90453515 2 pcs BOAXEL mounting rail 62 cm white 60453531 2 pcs BOAXEL wall upright 200 cm white 60453569 3 pcs BOAXEL shelf 6040 cm white 90453544 4 pcs. 2x 4 Inter IKEA Systems BV.

Boaxel Aufbewkombi Fur Wasche Weiss Ikea Schweiz
Boaxel Aufbewkombi Fur Wasche Weiss Ikea Schweiz from

12060 cm 50448738 20. Note that the fittings must be mounted diagonally so that the clothes rail hangs straight see assembly instructions. When installing a wall mounted BOAXEL solution follow the assembly instructions that come with the wall uprights to ensure you get the correct distance between drilling holes.

Gantungan celana BOAXEL 80 cm dapat memuat sekitar 9 pasang celana panjang.

BOAXEL clothes rail 80 cm holds approx. 60 cm 90448741 3 80 cm 70448742 4 BOAXEL ράγα στεγνώματος λευκό. BOAXEL dapat digunakan area lembab seperti ruang laundry. Das erleichtert die Kleiderwahl.