Stove Rules

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Stove Rules. Nowadays it is regularly used by managers in various businesses and it is more than a simple disciplinary method. Hot stove rule is a tool proposed by Douglas Macgregor useful for imposing disciplinary action in an organization.

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Making it hard to see the flames in the wood burner. When you touch a hot stove the reaction is immediate with warning consistent and impersonal. If youre using a wood-burning stove.

It emphasizes that if we do not take action in our childrens wrong doings we will hurt them in the longer run.

HOT STOVE RULE OF DISCIPLINE Spare the rod and spoil the child. His book The Human Side of Enterprise published in 1960 is known for the intense influence it had on education practices. According to the Red Hot Stove rule disciplinary action. The Hot-Stove Rule is an illustration that a management professor Douglas McGregor concocted.